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!!!JNDI DBCP Example for MySQL 5.x
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!!![JNDI] [DBCP] Example for MySQL 5.x
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Save this file as <[your Application Root folder|Application Root]>/META-INF/[context.xml]
Save this file as <[webapps|webapps folder]>/<[your application folder (eg: ROOT)|Application Root]>/META-INF/[context.xml]
Note that most applications do not have a META-INF folder by default. Create it next to the WEB-INF folder, so that your application contains both a WEB-INF and a META-INF folder.
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* Remember to close your connections, especially after Exceptions, otherwise you will run out of connections. In this case your application will appear to have frozen, as it waits endlessly for a connection to become available from the pool. For more info, see [Connection Leak].
* When using [context.xml] or [server.xml] to initiate the pool in this way, the [JDBC] driver [JAR] file must be available in <jakarta>/common/lib. Simply placing it into <app>/WEB-INF/lib will not work. This is because the context starts before your application is loaded, so the WEB-INF/lib CLASSPATH does not exist at the time the connection pool is initiated.
* If you get a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException error, you have either not installed the [context.xml] file correctly, or have used a different name in the [context.xml] <Resource> element's "name" attribute to what you are using in your Context.lookup() call, or the JDBC jar file is not present in <jakarta>/common/lib.
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* [Database Connection and Pooling Questions] (Metawerx FAQ from the Support Topics page)
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* [JNDI DBCP Example for Oracle]
* [Accessing a JNDI DataSource with JSTL from JSP]
* [Accessing a JNDI DataSource from Java]
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