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This tag specifies the time of day a particular servlet should automatically be called.
The tag is __only__ valid for the Resin servlet container, and is not part of the official specification, so cannot be used with [Tomcat], JBoss or Geronimo (at least in current versions Tomcat 6.0.10, JBoss 5.0.0, Geronimo 2.0).
The value is a list of one or more times in 24 hour notation, comma separated. At each time specified, the service() method of the servlet will be called.
If no <run-at> value is specified, the servlet will only be called when requested, or during the container initialisation if <[load-on-startup|web.xml.LoadOnStartup]> is specified.
<!-- Call the servlet every 6 hours -->
<run-at>0:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00</run-at>
!Parent Tag
* <[servlet|Web.xml.Servlet]> tag
!See Also
* [web.xml] reference guide
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