Using DKIM at Metawerx - 06-Jun-2021 (Basic)

This is a simple tutorial on adding DKIM Mail Protection to your email, designed for Mac/Linux but you can use Putty for Windows too.

Creating your first Tomcat application - 27-Sep-2006 (Basic)

This is a simple tutorial on creating your first Tomcat application. You will need to install Tomcat at your home/office, or use a Tomcat-enabled website to try this tutorial.

Custom error pages in Tomcat - 29-Sep-2006 (Intermediate/Advanced)

Custom error pages can be used to display a branded error page if your application crashes, to notify the site developer of problems occurring on the site by email, or to provide more information to the user who experienced the error. This tutorial focuses on creating an error handler page in JSP.

Enabling or disabling directory listings using web.xml - 03-Oct-2006 (Intermediate)

The directory listings feature of Tomcat outputs a list of all files in a folder if none of the default welcome files are found. This article shows how to override the default behaviour of the VM on a per-application basis.

Removing taglib from web.xml - 15-Nov-2006 (Intermediate)

JSP 1.2 requires the <taglib> directive to be used in web.xml for every JSP Custom Tag Library you use. In JSP 2.0 this is no longer required. This guide shows how to get rid of your <taglib> directives and how JSP 2.0 finds TLD files.

Forcing SSL for sections of your website - 25-Nov-2006 (Basic)

Tomcat, and other JSP containers can guarantee that SSL is used for certain areas of your site. This can be achieved by adding a security constraint to your web.xml file. This guide provides examples, and describes how this process works.

Decreasing Tomcat startup time with multi-threading - 4-Jan-2007 (Advanced)

These days, multiple physical CPUs and multiple cores are becoming much more readily available. By changing your configuration, Tomcat can take advantage of this power to decrease startup time.

Securing your site with Container Managed Security - 21-Jan-2007 (Basic)

This is a short tutorial on securing sections of your website or web application, using the container managed security provided by Tomcat 5 and other servlet containers. We will lock down a /members and /admin folder, so that a password is required to gain access.

Using EMMA with ANT for JUnit test coverage reporting - 13-Feb-2007 (Intermediate)

EMMA is a code coverage tool, which can generate HTML based test coverage reports as part of your build cycle. This tutorial shows how to add EMMA to your ANT build.xml file, to measure the code-coverage of your JUnit tests.

How to use a servlet as your main web page - 7-Aug-2007 (Basic)

On containers that implement Servlets 2.4, such as Tomcat 5.5 and above, it is possible to list servlets as welcome pages. This makes it easy to use a servlet as the main web page for your site, instead of redirecting to a servlet from your index.jsp page or using similar work-arounds.

Increasing HTTP performance with hostname parallelization - 30-Mar-2013 (Basic)

Browsers open a limited number of connections to a single host (4 or 6). Use multiple host names for resource downloads to decrease page load-time.

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