Catch-All Mail Address

A catch-all mail address is a special email address at your domain name that catches all email for undefined email addresses.

For example, you may have configured the following addresses:


An email arrives for, but this address is not configured. Therefore the email goes to the Catch-All Mail Address.

On Metawerx Mail, the Catch-All Mail Address is You can either:

  • collect mail from this address using POP3 or IMAP (if enabled), by setting a password on it
  • forward this address to another address such as
  • disable your Catch-All Mail Address

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages: you can receive email even if people enter your email address incorrectly (eg: johnsmith@ instead of john.smith@). To receiving all email addressed to your domain, enable the Catch-All Mail Address, and either collect it separately, or forward to one of your other addresses.
  • Disadvantages: since all email arriving at your domain is received and stored, there is a higher chance of receiving SPAM email. For best protection against SPAM, disable the Catch-All Mail Address.

How can I enable or disable the Catch-All Mail Address?

  • Access the Mail Server Settings page from the Mail Administrator screen. The Mail Server Settings page allows you to change this setting and other advanced settings for your mail server.
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