Continuous Integration Tools

Tools on this page are used for automated, continuous builds of your application.

These tools are available in our new Build Farm service.

Continuous Integration

  • CruiseControl - Continuous Integration (CI) tool. CruiseControl runs on a Build Machine, and runs your Ant or Maven scripts to perform continual builds, timed builds (eg: nightly/weekly builds), or builds whenever new source code is committed to the version control repository (eg: Subversion or CVS). Using Apache Ant, JUnit and Cactus tests can also be conducted, and successful artifacts (JAR files, WAR files) can even be deployed to external servers. Build results can be viewed online, or emailed to the developers. This is typically used by teams of 2 or more developers, but is also useful for a single developer with multiple projects. If any new code breaks the build, developers know about it immediately, rather than after uploading it to the production environment. CruiseControl can be used to automate the execution of automated testing tools so that you can focus on developing your product.

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