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CruiseControl Hosting


  • 64mb dedicated JVM for CruiseControl, plus additional RAM on demand for forking (eg: compile and test targets)
  • 3gb disk space for projects and build histories
  • Multiple projects
  • Automatic monitoring and restart
  • Manual restart capability
  • FTP access to CruiseControl folder, including logs, projects, webapps, SER files and config.xml
  • CruiseControl web-based reporting application, pre-configured and password protected for immediate startup
  • Ability to run additional Tomcat JSP/Java-based reporting web applications
  • JGrinder subdomain (eg:
  • Shared binaries for CruiseControl 2.5, 2.6, ANT 1.6.5, ANT 1.7.0


  • Dedicated RAM slice plus additional RAM on demand for forking
  • SCSI hard drives
  • Dual 3.0 Ghz CPUs
  • Server-grade hardware
  • Local mail server for testing SMTP and POP3 functionality, and publishing build results
  • Databases available for database testing (see Optional Extras section below)

Plugin Support

  • ANT and Maven (build tools)
  • JUnit (unit testing)
  • PMD (common problem code analysis)
  • CheckStyle (format and style guide checks)
  • EMMA (code coverage)
  • xDoclet (hibernate xbm generation)
  • SvnANT (update build-server repository as part of your build)
  • Javadoc (java doc generation)
  • many other plugins can be used simply by installing the right JAR files and configuring in your ANT/Maven build script

Tomcat webapps Staging Area

  • Access to your own /webapps folder containing the CruiseControl reporting application
  • Other applications may be deployed here for non-commercial purposes, for example:
    • Automated testing of web applications during your build cycle
    • Developer access for smoke-testing and demonstrations
    • Customer access to your latest-release demo-application


  • $20/month AUD + GST when used in conjunction with Subversion package
  • $38/month AUD + GST standalone with remote repository

Optional Extras

  • Databases for unit testing:
    • MySQL database $6/month
    • PostGreSQL database $6/month
    • SQL/Server database $6/month
    • FireBird database $6/month
  • TRAC $16/month *pricing will soon change
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