Delegating your Domain Name

To delegate your domain name, please log into your Domain Registrar's website and find the area that says Change Name Servers or Delegate Domain Name.

Your "domain registrar" is the place you registered your domain name. They will have provided you with a username and password for making changes to your domain. You will need these details to log in on their website.

Next you will need to find a page on their website called Modify Domain, Edit Domain, Delegate Domain or Change Name Servers.

Enter the following Name Servers:

Secondary 1:
Secondary 2:

If you are required to enter IP addresses as well, these are as follows:

Primary: (
Secondary: (
Secondary: (

Important Notes

  • Before delegating a domain, the domain must be added to our DNS Servers
  • To do this, log into SiteWinder and go to the Domain Administration tool. Add the domain name, and select [x] Metawerx DNS. A few minutes later, you will receive an email stating that the domain is active in our systems.
  • If your domain is not listed in our DNS Servers, your domain will not work after delegating it. ie: your website and email will go offline completely. Additionally, our Anti Lame DNS system may also cause your domain to fail for up to 4 hours (or in some cases 1 week) if you do not add the domain name to our DNS first.
  • Name server changes (delegation) can take between 1 and 72 hours to propogate to other DNS servers on the internet. The exact amount of time depends on the timeout of the old DNS server, and some specific issues (bugs) with Internet Explorer, which will affect individual users.

Why do I need to delegate my domain?

  • When users on the internet type your domain name in their browser, this information is required for them to come to the right website
  • By changing the Name Servers, you are giving a webhost (eg: metawerx) the permission to tell the rest of the world where a website is located
  • If this is not done, then the webhost can only provide you with a temporary domain name, such as the domain you were provided with automatically when you signed up

Can I just point at the metawerx server instead of delegating my domain?

  • Yes, but only if you have a dedicated VM with the "defaulthost" option, or a unique IP address. If you want to add multiple domains in this way, without speaking to us first, you will need to arrange one of the above. However, please be aware that we reserve the right to change IP addresses of sites when necessary, and without warning (ie: if we have an emergency network relocation). If we are not managing your domains in our DNS, then your domain may still point to the old IP address until you update it manually, causing downtime for your site. Therefore it is better if the domain is in our DNS system.

What if my website is already live (ie: on another webhost)?

  • You must make sure your new metawerx website is ready before making this change. After the change, your domain name will start pointing at our servers, so if your metawerx site is not finished or ready, your customers will see your new (unfinished) website.
  • If the site is live at your old host, please ensure we have been informed of the domain name, and that we have confirmed that it has been added to our DNS and application servers (eg: Tomcat), otherwise your site will appear with our "Site not configured" page.
  • If you have email accounts at your old host, please make sure you set up those email addresses on the metawerx mail server before delegating your domain (see email section below).

What about my email?

If you have existing email accounts, to make sure there are no lost emails during the transfer, please do the following:

  • First, add the new domain name in Domain Administration in SiteWinder
  • Wait for the confirmation email
  • Re-login to SiteWinder and you will see a new Mail Administration link for the new domain
  • Set up your email addresses
  • When everything has been set up (DNS and Email), delegate your domain
  • For 1-72 hours, some email will go to your old host, some will come to the metawerx servers
  • After the transfer is complete, you can remove your domain from the old host

If you do not set your mail up before the delegation, incoming email will either be bounced back to the sender, or will go to the Catch-All Email Address (if enabled). This can be painful if you have multiple email addresses.

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