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Can I have a website without a domain name?

Yes. Whenever a new account is created, a subdomain of is created for the new site. For example, at first, your site name may be

If you want to transfer a domain name to the site at a later date, or when you are finished building the site, just let us know when you are ready.

This is a cheap way to get a new site started. Email services are not provided until your domain name has been registered or transferred, but most other features are still available.

How do I get my own domain name?

To register a new domain name, please contact us by email and let us know the details of the new domain name.

We can register domain names in almost any country.

You can also register a domain at a Domain Registrar.

Registering a domain in the .com, .net or .org name-space is quite easy, and we will only require the name of the domain. To register domains for .edu (educational instititions), domains in Australian name-space (, or some other countries, sometimes requires additional information. We will assist you in each step of this process.

If you want to register your own domain, you may do so. We can then transfer the domain to your metawerx site. The first domain is transferred free of charge, and if you want additional domain names transferred there is a setup fee each time this is done. For example, if you add 1 new domain to your account, or 10 new domains at the same time, the same fee applies.

I already have a domain name, how do I transfer it to Metawerx?

If you have registered your own domain name, or are transferring from another hosting company, the domain needs to be "delegated" to our name servers (DNS) and set up on our server.

We can either perform the transfer on your behalf, or you can delegate the domain to our servers yourself.

If you would like us to transfer the domain on your behalf:

  • Inform us that you would like to transfer your domain name to your site.
  • Tell us if the domain is receiving email, so we can give you time to create your email accounts first
  • Provide us with the following information:
    • Your login name
    • The domain name
    • Registrar (the place you registered the domain name)
    • Domain key (if you were provided with one, check the email that was sent to you after registering the domain)
    • Domain username or password (if you were provided with one)
    • Whether you want to use our mail server, or your current mail server
  • We will then perform the domain transfer for you, using the information provided.
  • Domain transfers usually take between 4 and 48 hours to be processed by the name servers around the world.

To perform the transfer yourself:

  • Inform us that you would like to transfer your domain name to your site.
  • Let us know:
    • Your login name
    • The domain name
    • Whether you want us to manage the DNS for the domain, or whether you will do that externally
    • Whether you want to use our mail server, or your current mail server
  • The domain will be set up on our server, and will appear in SiteWinder so you can set up mail accounts before the transfer (to ensure you don't miss any mail if you are receiving mail at your previous hosting company).
  • When your mail settings are complete, delegate the domain to our name servers. See Delegating your Domain Name
  • Domain transfers usually take between 4 and 72 hours to be processed by the name servers around the world.

Can I use a sub-domain from another site instead of a full domain?

If you have been issued with a subdomain, or have purchased a subdomain from another company instead of a full domain, you can still host this at your metawerx site.

We can still provide you with email services @, as well as all of our usual features.

Usually this will involve the owner of the main domain making a new entry in their DNS server to point to our servers, and some modifications to your account from this end so that it accepts traffic using your subdomain name.

To transfer a sub-domain, ask us for your IP address, and let us know you want to use the subdomain with our services. We will contact you when everything is ready on this end, and you can then inform the owner of the main domain to make the change in their DNS system.

How do I park a new domain at Metawerx (mail only, no website)?

It is possible to "park" your domain at metawerx until you are ready to create a website for it, or if you are in the process of completing the website.

Each domain name that is "parked" on our servers, has mail services enabled, and can be upgraded to a hosting plan when you are ready.

For pricing details, see the hosting plan pages on the metawerx website.

Can I set up my email accounts before the transfer is completed?

Yes. When transferring your domain name, it is important to let us know if you are receiving email for the domain already. We can then setup your mail services before the transfer, allowing you to create all of your email addresses and optional forwarding addresses, prior to the domain transfer.

This allows you to transfer your domain to our servers smoothly, without missing any email.

See also: Delegating your Domain Name

Can I point more than one domain at my site?

Yes. We have many customers already doing this. If your company wants to use a series of different domain names, all pointing to the same website, this is as easy as transferring each domain name you want to use.

The first domain transfer is free of charge, and there is a small setup fee to transfer each batch of additional domain names to your site.

If you want to point the domains to different areas on your website, see the section on Sub-Sites.

Each additional domain name comes with Mail Administration services, so you can have email addresses at any of the domain names.

Do all my domains allow email services?

Yes. Every domain name you transfer to your site comes with Mail Administration services, including all the usual metawerx mail features.

Do I need to change anything after a domain transfer?

If you have started to create your site without a domain name, you will be using an address such as For this reason, after transferring your domain name to metawerx, you should check your webpages and change any absolute-links to the new domain name.

For example, if you have links such as <a href="">, these should be updated to show your new domain name, or no domain name. (Just use /mypage.htm).

Your existing address will still work, just in case.

Can I add a subdomain to my domain? How does this work?

If you would like to add a subdomain to your existing domain (eg:, just let us know.

Subdomains are free of charge, but cannot have a separate mail server or separate servlet-configuration. However, you can still use servlets and all other technologies from your main site with pages from your new subdomain.

Please see the section on Sub-Sites for information on adding separate websites for subdomains.

Can I add a subdomain which points to a different ISP's server?

If you are using someone elses services in conjunction with your metawerx account, or need a subdomain which points to a different server (outside of metawerx), we can create this for you.

For example, if you are using a shopping cart system at a popular shopping site, and they have asked you to create a subdomain such as "", we can set this up in your DNS files to point to the external server's IP address. You will need to provide us with the IP address to point to, and the name of the new subdomain.

This service is currently free of charge.

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