Metawerx Support - How do I deploy my application on JBoss?

Deploying with the embedded Tomcat

JBoss has an embedded Tomcat installation. Therefore, it contains the Tomcat Manager which can be used to deploy, undeploy and reploy Tomcat-compatible applications.

See the following pages for information on deploying within Tomcat:

Installing WAR files in JBoss directly

  • Most WAR (and SAR) files should be uploaded to /server/default/deploy
  • To deploy an application as the ROOT application for your site, undeploy any existing ROOT application using the Tomcat Manager, and upload your application as /server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/ROOT.war
  • Note that some WAR files will not work automatically (eg: Apache AJAX). In this case, restart your JBoss VM.
  • If the application does not deploy automatically, check the system logs to see the reason.

Checking the System Logs

  • The current system log is accessible from within SiteWinder using the JBoss System Logs link on the tools page.
  • Previous system logs will appear in your FTP root folder. Each system log file will have a different datestamp. The current system log will be the one with the highest datestamp.
  • Any application errors, System.out and System.err output will appear in the system logs, unless trapped by a system such as Log4J, in which case output may appear in the log files you have specified in your Log4J configuration.

Caring for your JBoss installation

  • As each system log is written to your root folder, after a while, the number of log files will become excessive. Also, if you place JBoss or one of your applicaitons into DEBUG logging mode, very large log files may be produced. It is therefore a good idea to occasionally delete older log files that you no longer require.
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