Metawerx Support - How do I deploy my application on Tomcat?

If using a WAR file, see How do I deploy my WAR file on Tomcat?

Deploying an application

  • For new applications, you can use the existing ROOT folder we create for you as a sample.
  • If you are deploying an existing application, identify the Application Root, which is the folder that has a subfolder named WEB-INF
  • Upload your application to /private-cgi-bin/tomcat, either as the ROOT application, or with a new name. If done correctly, the file /private-cgi-bin/tomcat/<yourAppName>/WEB-INF/web.xml will exist.
  • The structure should look something like this:
    /tomcat                           (your webapps folder, the same as <jakarta>/webapps on a standard Tomcat installation)
        /YourApplication              (your application, eg: /ROOT for your main website)
                web.xml               (this *must* exist)
                /classes              (classes go here)
                /lib                  (jars go here)
            index.jsp                 (your welcome-file, first page of your site)

See Also

I have a problem in tomcat manger pls help me ........ I have put my project in webapps folder ....I get my project name in tomcat manager but when i click my project it doesnot show the JSP and Html pages(Around 6jsp and 2 html r inside) ........When i access through url its working.Pls help

--Anand, 13-Feb-2007

Hi Anand,

When you access by clicking the application in Tomcat, what URL shows in the URL bar? When you enter the URL manually, what URL are you entering?

--NealeRudd, 14-Feb-2007

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