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Thankyou for your interest in extending the Wiki. Please feel free to add as much information as you like, as well as a page describing yourself or your own company and the services you provide. Other users can see this information by clicking the contributor / last editor name. We will also soon be adding a contributor directory.

You can copy any of the sample code below to the SandBox page if you want to try it out before making a real page.

You can add a new page by going to<article name>

Missing Pages

If you see a red link, this means a page has not yet been created for that topic.

To add the information, click the link.

If you are not logged in yet, you will be to prompted to log in first. After login, press Back on your browser a few times then click the link again (unfortunately, this isn't handled automatically by JSPWiki yet).

Page Style Guide

To keep with the look of the rest of the Wiki, please type a heading first, using 3 exclamation marks (!!!), then the body of the page underneath. If there are other relevant pages, a See Also or More Information section can also be used.



JSP stands for Java Server Pages.

!See Also
*[Some other page]

Put square brackets around any terms you use (eg: RAID, JSP, Java Servlet). If these don't exist, someone will define them later.



MySQL is a [relational database].

Linking to an Existing Page with Different Link Text

Sometimes, an existing page might not have the right name to fit in with your text. To link to these pages, use a '|' symbol between the link text and the real page name.

!!!How to Edit a Wiki

Most formatting in a wiki is automatic, but for headings,
please see the [Text Formatting|TextFormattingRules] page.

This appears as: Text Formatting

Linking to External Sites / Wikipedia

To link to an external site, use a '|' symbol between the link text and the full URL. This is a good way to link to other Wikis such as Wikipedia if a good definition already exists.


JSP stands for Java Server Pages.

The JSP specification was developed through an industry-wide
initiative led by [Sun Microsystems|].

This appears as: Sun Microsystems

See Also

metawerx specific

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