Java Application Health Check

This system can be used to quickly analyse your configuration and application for serious errors.

You will notice a new link system is available in our online control panel (SiteWinder) under the App Health Check link and we also send weekly email alerts if any problems are found.

The following areas are checked and reported on:

  • your database connection pool size configuration (6 types of checks)
  • abandoned database pool connections from DBCP (2 types of checks)
  • database access denied errors (login errors)
  • recent, or recurring MySQL syntax errors
  • your log4j configuration paths (4 types of checks)
  • excessive disk usage by log files
  • excessive System logging which may affect your performance
  • excessive SEVERE, Exception and Error messages in System logs
  • OutOfMemoryErrors in logs, and their types
  • AccessControlExceptions in logs (security errors)
  • web.xml error-page directives

These types of issues indicate a problem with your application which may not become apparent unless your site is busy, or errors which could prevent your application from running at all. When your application appears to be running well, checking logs is boring work, so hopefully we can make things easier for you!

We don't report every exception or error in your logs, as there are bound to be numerous small issues with any project, especially one under constant development. However, we will try to alert you to anything important we find, such as the more serious issues in the above list, or issues that are being reported excessively.

To ensure your application is running at it's best, check your System Logs and Private System Logs for errors and exceptions and ensure log4j is never set to DEBUG logging unless you are tracking a specific bug. DEBUG logging will reduce JVM performance and disk-performance due to excessive writes, so switch it off when you're not using it.

As we find additional issues with our customer's applications, we extend this checklist with new features. In this way, all customers in the Metawerx community benefit automatically from the analysis of any single application.

And of course, if you ever need any assistance at all, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!

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