Metawerx Mail Help - Auto Responder

The Auto Responder is a special feature that allows you send an automatic response to anyone that sends an email to your email address.

This is useful for:

  • support or sales email addresses
  • in conjunction with the Mail Notification system, to let the sender know you have received their message and will respond shortly
  • going on holidays, or other times you will be unable to answer your email
  • non-reply email addresses

To try out the Auto Responder, enter a message in the Auto Responder Message area, then send yourself an email.

The subject will say "(Auto Responder)" by default. To change this to something else, enter a suitable Auto Responder Subject.

What happens when the Auto Responder is enabled?

  • Mail arrives for your email address
  • The server sends your Auto Responder message to the sender
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