Metawerx Mail Help - Mail Notification System

The Mail Notification System is a special feature for email addresses used by applications.

This should be left blank for normal email addresses.

Example Uses:

  • Blogs that allow posts to be submitted by email
  • Support ticketing systems, that give emails a ticket number, then store them for access by the support team
  • Customer Relationship Management systems, that store emails into a relationship-history database, for access by the sales team
  • SOAP Applications that provide SOAP over SMTP
  • i-mode Subscription Synchronization Digests (i-mode sync-emails)

How it works

  • If a URL is specified, then each time an email arrives, the URL address you specify will be notified using an HTTP GET request.
  • The application at that URL (eg: your java application) should then collect mail via POP3. It should expect 0 or more messages (because another system may have collected the mail before your application, or there may be multiple messages).
  • Your application can optionally output some statistics about what it did with the email message
  • If the "Send output to" address has been entered, the output from your URL is sent to that address. This is useful at first for debugging and monitoring your new system to make sure everything is working properly.
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