Metawerx Mail - Outlook Express Setup (IMAP)

These instructions assume you have already added a new email address in Metawerx Mail. If you haven't added the address yet, please follow the instructions on the How To Set Up a New Mail Account page.

Configuration for Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express

Select the Tools Menu, Accounts option

Next, select the Add button. A submenu will appear, select Mail...

Enter your full name then click Next

Enter your new email address then click Next

The server screen has 3 options:

  • My incoming mail server is an IMAP server
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server: in this field, you will need to enter your ISP's SMTP server. For examples,, or If you are unsure what to enter here, check one of your existing mail accounts, or contact your ADSL provider.

Click Next

In the Mail Login window, enter your full email address. For example You must change this field, because the default text will just say "yourname".

Enter the password, and leave the (X) Remember Password field ticked.

Make sure you enter the same email address and password that you entered when creating the mail address in Metawerx Mail Administration.

Click Next

The final page appears, click Finish.

You can now collect your email by using the Send/Recv button in Outlook Express. Send yourself an email to test that everything is working properly.

The test email may take up to 2 minutes to arrive, because it has to go through your ISP's SMTP mail server, then the metawerx mail servers. Wait a minute or two, then click Send/Recv and the test email should appear.

The next step is to set up your folders correctly (Inbox, Sent Items and Drafts). For more information please see the Metawerx Mail IMAP Guide.


  • If the email still does not arrive after a few minutes, check your settings or repeat the above procedure.
  • If the email never arrives, the problem may be that you have enabled Mail Forwarding on the metawerx mail server administration site. In this case, the email will be forwarded to your external email address (eg: hotmail/gmail), and will not be stored in the mailbox on the metawerx servers. Log into Metawerx Mail and select the email address to check that forwarding is disabled. If something has been entered in the Mail Forwarding field, remove it, and then click Save. Now send yourself a new test email and wait for it to arrive.
  • If Outlook Express prompts you to enter your Login and Password when collecting your email, make sure you have selected the (X) Remember Password option when adding the address to Outlook Express (see above). If this is definitely ticked, then make sure the password you entered is the same as what you entered in Metawerx Mail Administration when creating the new address. If you are unsure, log in to Metawerx Mail Administration, click the email address to edit it, and then click the Change Password button at the bottom of the page to reset the password.
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