Metawerx News Archive 2002

(December) Servers Upgraded. All sites now running on Dual-Xeon 2Ghz servers with 2Gb DDR-RAM and Dual-SCSI RAID-1 hardware mirrored drives, with Win2k.

(December) MetaWerx is now trialling score-based junk-mail filtering

(November) Improved junk mail filtering

(October) Heuristic virus scanning to automatically block known viruses and detect potential threats in attachments

(July) Tomcat-Users.xml files are now managed automatically by metawerx support staff.

(July) Improved Tomcat Getting Started guide now available in Resources section.

(June) Microsoft Index Server now available (enquire at for further information)

(June) Private JVM's now available on Commercial Plan (enquire at for further information)

(June) Private Tomcat System.out/System.err Logging for each customer

(June) Statistics now includes entry/exit page report, referer report, navigation report and browser version reports

(June) New from-mailserver-ip mail block (junk mail filter)

(May) New from-domain mail block (junk mail filter)

(May) New service and application restart modules added to Server Monitoring System

(May) Mail is no longer accepted from open relays, cutting down junk mail by around 40%

(May) Metawerx WhiteCell Virus-scanner is now used to scan all incoming email attachments. Warnings are attached to email subjects when email contains a suspicious attachment, and as usual, known viruses are automatically blocked by the server

(May) Tomcat access logs now available in SiteWinder (includes turbo-send feature as with other logs)

(April) Permissions viewer now shows permissions in same format as Windows Explorer, including inheritable permissions and all special permission settings

(April) Metawerx Chat now available to customers at $60/month (US $40/month) - enquire for a free one month demo if you want to provide a customised user-chat on your website. This tool has been entirely developed using Java(tm).

(April) Internal MWMail system now being used for mail sent from server, with better error report and enhanced retry capabilities when mail problems occur

(March) Mail addresses list now sorted in Mail Administrator

(March) Tomcat now available as the primary server for domains, without the need for port :8080 extensions

(March) Tomcat moved to separate IP, customers now have separate IIS and Tomcat sites

(February) Tomcat HTML-based manager app now available to customers

(January) Statistics now shows visitor report, unique pages listing and session report

(January) Statistics now shows page-by-page breakdowns

(January) New pricing model for additional sites for existing customers

(January) Now hosting Tomcat 4.01

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