Metawerx News Archive 2003

(November) Notice: During August, September and October we have reached a server uptime level of over 99.99% for each month.

(October) SQL/Administrator scripting tool update to name database backups using datasource name. This allows clients with multiple databases to backup each database under separate names.

(October) SQL/Administrator scripting tool update to handle relationship creation after table creation. This fixes the problem where relationships were created in the incorrect order, sometimes preventing generated scripts from being executed without manual re-ordering of the CREATE TABLE statements.

(September) SpamCop implementation to prevent known senders of SPAM email from sending mail to metawerx-run mail servers.

(September) Removal of automatic open-relay detection for Australian mail servers. Too many mail servers in Australia still allow open-relaying. This system has been replaced by the use of SpamCop (see above).

(August) Tomcat Update to 4.1.27.

(March) SQL/Administrator tool can now script data and schemas to a zip file for download

(February) JDK1.4, Tomcat 4.1.18 now available. All Tomcat 4.01 sites to be upgraded during next 3 weeks.

(January) .NET support now available for all ASP customers

(January) Score-based mail filtering now in effect for all users

(January) Mail Server threading system rewritten to prevent lockups when sending to certain hosts

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