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18-Dec-2004 - New Online Payments System

You can now pay your account online. See the Accounts Menu -> Pay Account Online option for details.

12-Dec-2004 - Tomcat Clustering Launch

Metawerx now provides Tomcat Application Clustering for High Availability Applications, on JDK1.5. Our own SiteWinder application is clustered over 2 VM's, using synchronized sessions, providing session replication for instant failover if a VM goes down. Coupled with our new Load Balancing system, this is an excellent way to provide higher availability for your application, as it removes the VM as a point-of-failure. It also opens the path for scalability to grow your application to a clustered multiple server architecture as your requirements or load increase. For more details, or to discuss whether your application is suitable for clustering, please contact us.

As part of the clustering system, we also provide completely transparent load balancing with automatic session-failover. Using transparent load balancing, the browser always points to the same URL, regardless of which server the user is actually using. The SiteWinder application demonstrates this new system, by running across two separate VM's via the single URL. This provides for completely automatic immediate failover if a VM goes down.

3-Dec-2004 - SiteWinder upgrade

SiteWinder has been ported from ServletExec to Tomcat 5.5 on Java 5, and now uses a Form-based login to make access easier for customers with multiple accounts. Please report any missing pages or errors to support immediately.

1-Dec-2004 - New Tomcat Realms Administrator tool

We have launched our new Tomcat Realms Administrator tool today. This tool has been developed internall by metawerx, and allows management of Roles and Users for Security Realms in Tomcat. The system has been designed using Struts, JSP2, JSTL, XML and the MetaWerx workflow system, running on Tomcat 5.5.4 with JDK1.5.

While quite a simple tool in reality, we have developed this system not only to provide simpler security management to our customers, but also as an experiment in the new clustering capabilities of Tomcat.

22-Nov-2004 - Two Big Cats

Tomcat 5.5.4 is now available with Java 5.0 (JDK 1.5) - Tiger with Tomcat!

15-Nov-2004 - MySQL update

MySQL has been upgraded to version 4.1.7. If you have any problems connecting, please make sure you are using the latest MySQL-Connector JDBC Driver. Issues have been reported when connecting with version 3.0.8.

14-Nov-2004 - New specific-folder FTP access

We now provide a way to create user accounts which have a different base FTP folder than your main FTP account. This allows services or specific users to upload to a specific folder on your site. See the NT Users section for details.

11-Nov-2004 - SiteWinder upgrades

  • New Disk Space Check feature added
  • New Monthly Hits report added.
  • New Monthly Traffic report added.
  • Bank Transfer details added to Accounts menu.

9-Nov-2004 - Server Migration (METAWERX1)

The migration to the new server went smoothly apart from a couple of minor issues. Server 1 is now running on 2 x 2800Mhz XEON's, with faster drives and memory. IIS6/.NET hosting now available on all ASP-enabled plans.

1-Nov-2004 - New Hosting Plans Launched

We are proud to announce two new hosting plans, the Pro Plan and Pro 2 Plans. Prices for 100mb Plus Packs have dropped to $22/month, and pre-paid additional traffic blocks of 1gb are now available at $22/month as well. To upgrade your plan, please contact sales.

29-Oct-2004 - Traffic Pricing Decrease

Due to changes in the bandwidth pricing structure from our bandwidth provider, the monthly traffic allowance on all plans has been doubled as of August (eg: Database Plan now 3gb). Existing accounts have been upgraded automatically. Credits have been awarded to accounts already charged for August and September. Our excess traffic fee has also dropped from 5c/mb to 4c/mb (compare other hosts in Australia charging 11c).

29-Sep-2004 - Tomcat Upgrade

Tomcat 5 VM's updated to 5.0.28

22-Sep-2004 - SiteWinder Upgrades / New Online Database Tools

  • FireBird/Administrator SQL Database Scripting tool added
  • FireBird/Administrator SQL Console tool added
  • MySQL/Administrator SQL Console tool added.

25-Aug-2004 - SiteWinder Upgrades

  • SiteWinder has been changed to use the domain. If you have any trouble logging in, please refresh the page and make sure the SiteWinder login link is pointing to
  • New MySQL Troubleshooting FAQ added to Resources section

10-Aug-2004 - Server Overheating Issue Metawerx1

We have temporarly gone back to the old CPU's (2x2000Mhz) to avoid a stability issue with overheating. A new master server has being ordered.

30-Jul-2004 - CPU Upgrade Metawerx1

New CPU's installed in master server. (Now running 2 x 2800Mhz XEON's, for a total of 5600Mhz)

18-Jul-2004 - New Tutorials

  • RSync and PuTTY Info and Tips file now available in Resources section (plus a full tutorial from Neale Rudd)
  • Tomcat Getting Started guide updated and now available from Tools Page, along with the Metawerx Getting Started tech email

10-Jul-2004 - Mail System AutoResponder

AutoResponder facility added to mail system. Send an email to to test the service

3-Jul-2004 - Excess Traffic Price Decrease

Prices for excess traffic have dropped today from 6c/mb to 5c/mb. This change is due to a decrease in providing from our upstream providers.

18-Jun-2004 - JBoss Hosting Launched

JBoss J2EE Application Server now available on Commercial Plans. JBoss provides a full implementation of the J2EE stack and has support for Enterprise Java Beans.

10-Jun-2004 - New HTTP Mail Notification System

The Metawerx Mail Server now supports HTTP Mail Notification, allowing SOAP over SMTP and Mail-to-Blog services without the need polling, and other automation possibilities

1-Jun-2004 - Tomcat Upgrade

Tomcat 5 VM's updated to 5.0.25

30-May-2004 - Private Logging for Shared VM Customers

Metawers has developed a framework which embeds Tomcat, allowing our logging tool to log all output from Tomcat (this has been activated for some VMs only at this stage). This allows customers to see early-startup problems from Tomcat that have previously been unreported such as errors from missing web.xml files. To do this we have implemented our own custom ClassLoader that sits between java and Tomcat, to initialise our system logging functionality before Tomcat is even started. The extension is completely transparent to Tomcat and adds no overhead.

28-May-2004 - Tomcat 5 Upgrade

Tomcat 5 VM's updated to 5.0.24

12-May-2004 - Monitoring System Enhancements

Dual-monitoring system implemented to monitor for failures in the monitoring service itself.

28-Apr-2004 - Tomcat Upgrade

Tomcat 5 VM's updated to 5.0.19

12-Apr-2004 - SQL Scripting Tool Upgrade

Various bugs fixed in SQL/Administrator for scripting of indexes and rows containing angle-brackets

20-Feb-2004 - Tomcat 5 Now Available

Tomcat 5 is now available on request, although not yet advertised on our site. There is a planned upgrade to existing shared JVM's scheduled for March 14

9-Feb-2004 - SQL Server Hourly Backups

Hourly SQL/Server transaction log backups are now available.

4-Feb-2004 - RSync, SSH, FireBird, MySQL

  • RSync now available for fast updating of your site or development tree
  • SSH is now available for external Enterprise Manager connections, providing a secure encrypted method of accessing your database
  • FireBird and MySQL database hosting now available

30-Jan-2004 - Tomcat Upgrade

Tomcat Updated to 4.1.29.

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