Metawerx News Archive 2005

30-Nov-2005 - Launch of MySQL 5 Hosting, Various Software Upgrades

  • Shared Tomcat 5.5.x VM's updated to 5.5.12.
  • SQL Console for MySQL5 completed and now available in SiteWinder
  • MySQL 5.0 hosting launched, using MySQL 5.0.16.
  • MySQL 4.1 updated to latest 4.1.15 release.
  • Metawerx Mail AutoResponder messages can now have a customised Subject field (see Metawerx Mail for details).

28-Oct-2005 - MySQL5 Coming Soon

We are now trialling MySQL 5 which was released Oct-24. To upgrade, please download MySQL 5 and ensure your application is compatible, then contact support. If all goes well, we will be offering MySQL5 hosting starting mid-November, and this will be the default environment for new MySQL customers.

22-Oct-2005 - Tomcat 5 Clusters Upgraded

Clusters running Tomcat 5.5.x have been upgraded to 5.5.12 - Tomcat 5.5.9 VM's will be upgraded 30-Nov-2005.

10-Oct-2005 - Intrusion Detection and Anti-Port-Scan System

An intrusion detection system has been added for our SSH service. Additionally, an anti-port-scan system added to firewall for all servers. These systems reduce the risk of a malicious user gaining access to our servers, by blocking their access at the firewall level.

2-Oct-2005 - Sender Policy Framework

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, a new proposal which is helping to prevent malicious users sending email claiming it is from your domain(s).

The system works by allowing you to specify all of the networks which are allowed to send email from addresses

The metawerx mail server, as well as hotmail, google and many other ISP's now support this feature. All metawerx domains can have this feature added free of charge. If you have created your SPF record, please send it to us to enable it on your domain.

MetaWerx can also create your SPF record for you at a cost of $200 AUD per domain. Consultancy and training about SPF and how it can benefit your organisation is available at $495 per half day. If you are new to SPF and want to use it to protect your domain, please contact us for consultancy, or visit, which has a good description and a list of other service providers working in this field. Please note that SPF can be implemented and deployed entirely on your own, without having to purchase or sign any licenses, or pay anyone anything.

19-Aug-2005 - Metawerx Mail now supports the Sender Policy Framework

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) support has been added to the Metawerx Mail Server. The system is currently in test mode only. More information will be posted soon. Additionally, a number of performance enhancements have been made to the new version of the mail server.

25-Jun-2005 - New Metawerx Proxy Server

The Metawerx Proxy server is now available for all outgoing port 80 connections from your applications. If your application wants to make connections to external servers on port 80, please contact us for details. Example code for connecting via the proxy can be found in the section under Sample Code.

19-Jun-2005 - Tomcat and Java Upgrades

Our Tomcat 5.5.x instances have been upgraded to 5.5.9. JDK1.5.0 has been updated to JDK1.5.0_3 to fix problems with toLowerCase() in unicode strings experienced by some customers.

5-Jun-2005 - Metawerx Mail URL Notification System

We now provide a URL Notification system on Metawerx Mail. This allows you to provide a URL which should be accessed each time a new mail arrives for a particular account.

This is useful for systems such as:

  • SOAP over SMTP, where a SOAP server responds to requests via email
  • Blog software which allows new posts via SMTP
  • i-mode sync email handlers, which receive a notification each day from Telstra or other providers containing content subscription information
  • Any other mail-activated system

The HTML results of the URL notification can be sent to an email address, which is useful for monitoring the results of your application.

To activate the system, edit a mail account and enter a URL, and optional mail address for sending the results to.

29-May-2005 - Software Upgrades

  • Tomcat 5.5.x VM's have been upgraded today to 5.5.7.

2-Apr-2005 - Metawerx Support now using i-mode

MetaWerx support now uses i-mode messaging for improved response times. When an email is sent to support, the support team will be immediately sent a notification directly to their mobile phones. This replaces the use of SMS, which used a third-party provider to convert emails to SMS. SMS was more costly, and we sometimes experienced delays delays in the notification process due to faults in either the SMS service or the third-party provider's system.

1-Apr-2005 - Tomcat Cluster / i-mode website migration

We have added improvements to our tomcat cluster monitoring, to include the load balancing system as a monitored point of failure in case of an outage. The metawerx tomcat cluster has had 100% uptime on all clustered servers since January.

All i-mode websites on the metawerx servers have been migrated to our Tomcat clustered environment. This includes sites available on the official Telstra i-mode portal, and the Singapore Starhub official menu.

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