Metawerx SPF Test Tool

This is a java command line application which can be used to test your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.

It is (hopefully) a full SPF implementation, and will output a complete trace of all activities as the SPF record is parsed.

We are eager to get some feedback about this tool, so if it worked well for you, or you believe our implementation is incorrect, or you find any problems with the instructions below, please email spftool <at>, or add a comment to this page by clicking Add Comment above.

Please do not email us with other SPF questions, as we are not part of OpenSPF, and have only created an implementation.

Instructions (Windows/Linux)

  • Download and unzip the zip file below, into a folder
  • Use the following command to run the tool, from the same folder you unzipped to:
java -cp metawerx.utils1.16.jar IP-ADDRESS
  • Example, to test if IP is allowed to send email from to
java -cp metawerx.utils1.16.jar


Copyright/Terms - By downloading the software, you agree to the following:

  • This software is (c) Copyright Metawerx Pty Ltd, 2006.
  • This software is provided free of charge to assist with the creation and testing of your SPF record.
  • You may download and use this software internally for the purpose of testing your SPF record.
  • The software and included libraries must not be used for any other purpose, and any such use will constitute a breach of intellectual property rights.
  • The software must not be distributed in any format, although you are welcome to link to this page.
  • Metawerx is not responsible for any damage of any sort associated with this software, or costs incurred through using it.
  • Metawerx is not affiliated in any way with OpenSPF, and the publishing of this software does not constitute any recommendation or advice.

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--Neale Rudd

Thanks for this tool.. It is extremly helpful and works well. Is there a way to specify the DNS server ? (IE:We validate a seperate internal SPF record vs the one we use publicly)

--lp, 25-Dec-2008

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