Metawerx Support - Sending mail from your application

Mail Server

  • Please use for outgoing mail (standard SMTP port 25)
  • If you use localhost, or, it will not work
  • No authentication is necessary if sending from within the metawerx network
  • This server should not be used for your outgoing mail from your home/office - it is for use by your application only. If you send email to from your home/office, it will be accepted if the target address exists on our server, otherwise the email will be rejected due to relaying rules. For your home/office, you should use your local ISP's SMTP server (eg:


  • Tomcat 5 (and above) shared JVM's have a JNDI mail source available, in case your applications prefer to use JNDI, called mail/Session. This is defined as follows:
<Resource name="mail/Session" 
      "" />

Secondary Mail Server

  • If you have a facility for listing more than one mail server, you can also include This is our backup SMTP server, providing an extra resource for outgoing mail in case of any problems with the primary server.
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