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A knowledge base created by Metawerx, its customers and (hopefully) you!

It's purpose is to share information within the Metawerx Java community and the Java community as a whole, help new Java developers get started (or those new to hosted Java), and to help existing developers learn more about web.xml and the technologies they can use on their sites.

The content is focused around the technologies available with a Metawerx website, dedicated VM or Managed Java Server.

We hope you learn something by reading it!

Special features of this wiki, are the web.xml reference for Tomcat, and the Debug Your App Java Exception reference. The features available in web.xml are often misunderstood as most of the documentation assumes you already understand the concept. This wiki aims to provide examples for each web.xml element, and explain why you would want to use it in the first place.

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This wiki runs on JSPWiki, with Tomcat 7.

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  • As this wiki is still quite new, we are looking for contributors to write useful articles and help define terms.
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  • If you want to add useful information that doesn't fit anywhere else, use the Misc Stuff page.

--Neale Rudd 27-Sep-2006.

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