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!How to use a Servlet as your main page in Servlets 2.3 and lower
If you are using servlets 2.3 or lower, you can point to a JSP file instead, and make that file redirect to your servlet. eg:
File redirect.jsp (where /CMS is mapped to your servlet, as in the above examples)
Welcome-file list in web.xml:
<!-- The main page for the site will be redirect.jsp servlet, which redirects -->
<!-- to the MyCMS servlet (http://yoursite.com/CMS) -->
<!-- No mapping is defined for other folders (http://website/someFolder/CMS), -->
<!-- so one of the other files will be displayed (index.html, index.htm, index.jsp) -->
* Make sure you don't use leading slashes on your <[welcome-file-list|web.xml.WelcomeFileList]> files (eg: use CMS, not /CMS)
* If using the servlet in a <[welcome-file-list|web.xml.WelcomeFileList]>, make sure your [web.xml] version is 2.4 or above (see [web.xml - DTD and XSD]), and that you are using a 2.4 compliant container or above (eg: Tomcat 5.5 or above)
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