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!!19-Apr-2012 Notice: Scheduled Maintenance 21-Apr 01:00-02:00
We are migrating all customer filesystems to a multi-array cloud-replicated filesystem Friday night. We expect small outages on the following servers during the transition and subsequent reboot-testing: HIMIKO, NAOKO, TANUKI, MIZUKI.
Once completed, these filesystems will be resistant to RAID-Array failure, multi-drive failure and complete server failure, as they will reside on multiple, separate drive arrays at the same time.
!!18-Apr-2012 Clouds on the horizon
Metawerx is designing a cloud platform to protect our Java Hosting and Database Hosting clients against the failure of any single server and provide instant scalability.
Multiple servers will interact seamlessly in the cloud, with Tomcat/TomEE instances and databases floating to available hardware depending on the load and availability of the participating servers. We will also be able to add new servers much more easily, making their resources instantly available to the cloud.
More news will be released on our cloud platform as it comes together.
If you have any suggestions, questions or comments about the new platform, please feel free to contact us.
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