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!!!Metawerx News Archive 2008
!!30-Nov-2008 - New Java VM Analysis Report
JVM Analysis Report
For those worried about infinite loops, RAM usage, and the serious Java techo who wants to know everything that is happening with GC and allocations, we have recently added a new report in [SiteWinder] which performs various types of analysis on Dedicated Java VMs.
The following information is accessable via this report:
* CPU Usage (current and total)
* Classloader - Number of classes loaded/unloaded by the Classloader, classloader time
* HotSpot Compiler - Number of methods compiled by hotspot, failed/invalid compilation attempts, compiler CPU time
* HotSpot Last Compilation - Shows number of compilations and last compiled method name
* Live GC Monitor - Shows usage in each allocation area and total times spent on each type of GC
* Garbage Collection and Heap Capacity
* Memory Allocation - Show heap allocation areas, sizes, usage and settings
* Memory Histogram Top 200 - Memory usage per object type (live objects only, top 200)
* Synchronization Deadlocks - Show any deadlocks in the JVM (JDK1.6 and above only)
* Stack Trace - Show full stack dump and lock owners
This report displays the same information we use internally to debug JVMs which are misbehaving, need attention, or are throwing OutOfMemoryExceptions. Over the last 40 days, we have gradually turned this process into a report which works with Tomcat 4, and Java 1.5 onwards. The current report revision is 1.0.31.
We hope this will be valuable in debugging CPU, RAM, GC and Synchronization problems in your live system as well as increasing your knowledge of the internals of your JVM.
!!28-Oct-2008 - New Domain Administration System / $55 fee eliminated
Domain Administration
Today, as part of our 11th birthday celebrations (1997-2008), we have released two new online administration systems.
Yes, both systems do look similar, and look suspiciously similar to our Mail Reseller and [Metawerx Tomcat Realms Administrator] utilities (!)
As such, they both support export in CSV, TSV, XML and XLS formats, as well as sorting on all columns to make entries easier to locate.
Domain Administration allows you to:
* add domain names
* delete domain names
* enable or disable metawerx mail services for a domain
* enable or disable metawerx DNS services for a domain
* generate CSR files (Certificate Signing Requests for SSL)
* see the last date of CSR file generation
We have also eliminated the $55 fee for adding new domains, so please feel free to add as many domains as you want.
All domains will point to your existing hosting account automatically.
!!28-Oct-2008 - New Subversion Administration System
Subversion Admin
We have also released a new tool today which allows customers to administer their own Subversion Repository user lists.
Subversion Administration allows you to:
* add subversion user accounts
* delete subversion user accounts
* change passwords
* see the last date passwords were changed (date will appear in red after 6 months as a warning that the password should be changed)
Don't forget we are still offering a free 300mb repository to all clients, and to any Australian company whether they are a client of ours or not. (Unfortunately we are not offering free Subversion to international customers at this time).
If you are not already protecting your valuable source code using a remote Subversion or CVS Repository, or know a company who could benefit from such a service, contact us and get started today!
!!11-Jul-2008 - Change of Contact Details
Please note our office has relocated. As a result, our contact details have changed as follows:
Metawerx Pty Ltd
\\Level 8, 350 Collins St.
\\Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Sales / Accounts / General Enquiries: 1300 88 40 60 (8:30am - 5:30pm AEST, Monday - Friday)
\\Emergency Support: 1300 73 40 60
* If you require support, it is always best to mail the support email address
* This will be logged in our tracking system, and is sent immediately via SMS to all support staff
* Always include your login name, and full details of the problem, including any error messages
* If the problem relates to your web application, please include the relevant URL(s) and any other information required to replicate the problem
* As usual, Metawerx Support is free of charge, and we are always happy to help. Please note however that for technical support over the phone which is unrelated to an existing Metawerx account, we will unfortunately need to charge our normal hourly consultant rates. This ensures that support staff are available to assist customers with problems related to their account.
!!3-Jun-2008 - Upgrades
On selected VM's, we have upgraded again to the latest copies of the following today:
* JDK 1.6.x to JDK 1.6.0_06
* Tomcat 5.5.x to Tomcat 5.5.26
* Tomcat 6.0.x to Tomcat 6.0.16
* Apache Portable Runtime upgraded to 1.10
Other upgrades:
* BIND (DNS Server) upgraded to latest release
* MySQL 4 and 5 upgraded to latest GA (Generally Available) releases
Self-Managed Dedicated VMs have not been upgraded as they are only upgraded on request.
If your VM has not been upgraded, and you want it to be, please contact us. You can check the versions in use within the [Tomcat Manager].
!!15-Apr-2008 - New Accounts Features
This week we have added the following new features in [SiteWinder], to make administration of your account simpler.
* Historical Invoice Retrieval (see Account Statement Page)
* Disk Space Alerts - notifications are now sent when you exceed your disk space limit
* Traffic Alerts - notifications are now sent when you reach 80% of your plan limit
!!19-Mar-2008 - File System Backups Upgraded
Today we have introduced rolling backups for the file systems of all metawerx hosting plans.
Instead of a single daily backup, we now keep a full __7 days of separate daily backups__ of your site's files, one for each day in the last week. This allows recovery of data up to a week old, in case important files are deleted from your site. Please note that we always recommend you keep a separate backup of your site in addition to relying on our backups.
This is in addition to the rolling backups we already keep for your database.
!!18-Mar-2008 - Return of Free IMAP - Limited Time
Once again, this month Metawerx will be providing up to 2 (two) free 1gb [IMAP] mailboxes to any existing customers who ask for it, which will stay free of charge for the duration of their metawerx hosting. This offer expires 16-Apr-2008. New customers who sign up before 16-Apr-2008 are also eligible.
Unlike normal [POP3] email, [IMAP] allows you to use full webmail, with all your existing folders available. Multiple users can also access the same account, which is great for sales and support email addresses.
Read up on the benefits of [IMAP] enabled email over [POP3], then apply by contacting Metawerx Support and letting us know which of your email address(es) you want IMAP-enabled.
[More info...|IMAP]
!!18-Mar-2008 - Disk Space Upgrade - All Metawerx Java Hosting Plans
Thanks to a recent disk upgrade, we are pleased to announce an increase in disk space allowances for all plans. All data is still stored on RAID-1 SCSI disks as before, for performance, reliability and redundancy.
This upgrade will allow many customers to continue extending their applications and websites, at no additional cost.
Plan allowances were upgraded as follows:
* Student Plan 100mb -> 200mb
* Starter/Budget Plan 100mb -> 200mb
* Developer Plan 300mb -> 500mb
* Database Plan 500mb -> 1gb
* Commercial Plan 1000mb -> 2gb
* Pro Plan 1500mb -> 3gb
* Pro II Plan 2000mb -> 5gb
All existing customers have been upgraded automatically.
!!13-Mar-2008 - New Disk Space Alerts
Our disk space monitoring system checks available space on all partitions in our hosting systems. As of today, we have extended this to provide multi-leveled alerts directly to customers who own their own partitions.
This is especially relevant to:
* customers with Subversion partitions
* customers with backup partitions on the metawerx SAN
Alerts are sent when disk space reaches the warning threshold level, and at each subsequent threshold level, or when it goes back to normal.
For customers in danger of filling their backup or Subversion partitions, this will provide an immediate alert to prevent problems such as data loss and data corruption.
!!6-Feb-2008 - New Mail Reseller System
Mail Reseller Admin
Today we have released a new system for customers who resell our mail services.
Using this system, you are able to selectively provide separate logins for each of your domain names, to allow your customers to access the Metawerx Mail Administration system.
* Your customers are able to administer their own email (add, remove accounts, change passwords, etc...)
* Your customers do not require access to your [SiteWinder] account
* You can select which customers have access to the system (all domains are disabled by default)
* Your customers can log in immediately from the Metawerx website, or you can create your own login form, to further promote your branding
This system is now available in [SiteWinder] on the Tools page, and is free to all customers, so please log in and try it out.
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