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This tag specifies the relative path of a single welcome file.
A welcome file is provided when the web application is accessed using only the domain name, or with any other URL that ends with a slash.
Welcome files must exist as physical files in your application, or in Servlets 2.4 and above can also be servlets that are defined in [web.xml].
The page or servlet should be specified without any leading slash. Only relative paths can be specified.
Example 1: a shockwave file in your [application root] folder
Example 2: a JSP file at /info/help.jsp (the path info/help.jsp becomes relative to whichever folder is accessed, so this is not recommended for use as the only welcome-file in the list)
Example 3: using a servlet with a <[url-pattern|web.xml.URLPattern]> of /MyServlet
Example 4: using a servlet with a <[url-pattern|web.xml.URLPattern]> of /servlet/MyServlet. Note that like Example 2, this path is relative, so if the user attempts to access http://<domainName>/<appName>/someFolder, this won't work unless you also have a mapping for /someFolder/servlet/MyServlet
!See Also
* <[welcome-file-list|web.xml.WelcomeFileList]> for more information and usage examples
* [How to use a servlet as your main web page]
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