Build Cycle Feedback Program

21-Jan-2007 - CruiseControl, Subversion, Automated Builds

Metawerx is currently looking for developers, companies, or OpenSource project teams who use CruiseControl, ANT and Subversion, to manage their build cycles.

We will be trialing a new service set over the next 3 months and are looking for a limited number of participants for our feedback program. In exchange, the selected teams will be offered free use of these services online during our feedback and integration process, to help us tune the service for continued use.

After the feedback period, OpenSource software teams may be given the opportunity to continue use of the services free of charge. This will depend on a number of factors, but we are hoping to provide a limited number of project-spaces specifically for OpenSource development if everything goes as planned, as our way of contributing to the OpenSource community.

Applicants from any country are welcome.


  • You must already be familiar with at least basic usage of CruiseControl, Subversion and ANT. We will not be training teams that are new to these tools, since this is a free program.
  • You will be required to communicate with us at least once every week during the time you use the services, to let us know your experiences.

Numbers are limited, so please contact us for more information if this sounds like you!

Feel free to leave comments on this page (or any page...)

Neale Rudd
neale (at) metawerx (dot) net

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