FTP Problems

What is my FTP Host Name?

  • This is provided in your Technical Details email, which you received after signing up.
  • It will be something like cust0000.metawerx.com.au
  • The number will be the same as your http://tcNUMBER.metawerx.com.au temporary metawerx subdomain
  • For example, if your site is at http://tc0000.metawerx.com.au, use cust0000.metawerx.com.au for FTP

Linux FTP Servers / CuteFTP issues

  • We have found some FTP clients such as CuteFTP on Windows have problems with our Linux FTP servers.
  • Symptoms include:
    • Connection works, but then part way through a multiple-file upload, the connection freezes and a reconnect is necessary. It happens often, and becomes very frustrating.
    • Sometimes after a transfer, the list of files is not refreshed
    • Sometimes during connection, the connection freezes, and a reconnect is necessary.
  • If this sounds familiar, please change your Host Setting from "Auto-Detect" to "Unix. We have found this reliably fixes the problem.If you are having an FTP problem connecting to our Linux servers, please set your Host Type to "Unix" instead of "Automatic".
  • http://www.metawerx.net/images/screenshots/cuteftp_unix.png

Linux FTP Servers / WsFTP issues

  • Contrary to the above information about CuteFTP requiring "Unix" as the host type, some customers have reported that WsFTP requires a change from "Unix" to "Auto-Detect" to work reliably.

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