Installing phpBB on Tomcat

phpBB 3.0.8 was a very simple install on Tomcat using Quercus for the PHP support.

Getting Started

  • First, download and install Quercus, and make sure it's running properly. See Using PHP with Tomcat for how to do this.
  • Next download and unzip phpBB from
  • Upload the files to the folder you created when installing Quercus (example: phpbb)
  • Access the application to start the installer, http://yoursite/phpbb
  • The phpBB installer will ask you for the database connection details, and an admin username and password
  • The installer will complete, after successfully attaching to the database
  • Once the installer has completed, you can log in and start customising your new forum!

Known Issues

No known issues installing, this was the simplest PHP application install so far with Tomcat/Quercus.

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