Metawerx Mail Help - Junk Mail Redirection

This feature can be used to filter your email.

Each email that arrives is given a Junk Rating.

  • For good emails, this will be lower than 1
  • For suspicious emails, that look like SPAM, a rating of over 1 is assigned
  • The higher the rating, the more likely the message is SPAM

The Junk Mail Redirection feature provides a way to send suspicious emails to a different address for later review (eg:

You can check this extra email address less frequently, such as once a day, or once a week only.

You can decide which emails should be redirected. For example:

  • emails with a junk rating of 1 or higher
  • emails with a junk rating of 3 or higher
  • emails with a junk rating of 20 or higher

What happens if normal email gets a Junk Rating?

  • If you use this feature, the email will go to a different address
  • You will still see the email, but only when you check the junk-address

Email from my friend always gets marked as (Junk Rating). How can I stop this?

  • Send the email to support, including the mail headers.
  • We can work out why the email is being marked as SPAM, and fix the problem

How can I disable or re-enable the (Junk Rating) system in the email subject line?

  • Use the Mail Server Settings link at the top of the page on the Mail Administrator screen. The settings page contains a setting for the enabling Junk Ratings in email subjects, as well as other advanced settings.
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