Neale Rudd

The director of Metawerx Pty Ltd, and the administrator of this wiki.

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Neale holds a Bachelor of Computing from Monash University, is a member of the Golden Key Society, and speaks English and intermediate Japanese.

Computing Background

Neale has been developing software since 1983. His earliest experiences were on the Commodore 64 and Apple II clones in BASIC and Assembly Language. This lead on to an interest in developing communications-related software for the Commodore Amiga 500 in C, as 1200/75bps and 300bps modems became available for home use. His first commercial work was in developing spreadsheet macro-based applications to manage accounts in Lotus 123 with HAL on XT machines in 1988. After that he went on to C programming for an accounting firm, various contract work in Delphi, Java and Cold Fusion, and started Metawerx Java Hosting in 1997.

Programming Background

Neale has extensive experience in the following core languages (in order of year learned):
  • BASIC Variants (AppleBasic, Commodore BASIC, AmigaBASIC, GWBasic, VB)
  • C Variants C, C++ (Amiga SAS/C, Borland TurboC, Microsoft C/C++, Microsoft Visual Studio C++, GCC on *ix)
  • Java since v1.02 to current (1.8), including applets, servlets, JSP, WebSockets, client/server, various opensource packages (preferred/speciality)
  • HTML, JavaScript, Node
  • Delphi (Pascal++)
  • ihtml, cHTML, WML, HTML
  • ASP/VB/.NET (and Windows scripting)
  • Cold Fusion version 3 to current (CFMX10), including Railo/BlueDragon
  • Linux / Unix scripting

As well as some experience in the following languages (in order of year learned):

  • 6510, 68000 Assembler
  • LOGO
  • Amiga E
  • ARexx
  • Pascal (VAX Pascal)
  • COBOL-68, COBOL-85
  • Modula 2
  • Lisp
  • Prolog
  • Eiffel
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Erlang
  • BASH Shell
  • Node/JS
  • HTML5

Databases (in order of experience, high to low):

  • MySQL
  • SQL/Server
  • PostGreSQL
  • MS-Access
  • FireBird
  • SAP DB
  • Oracle

Preferred Environment:

  • Java web-based or TCP/IP applications with old-school binary flat-file, MySQL or SQL/Server back-end (as of 2009, MySQL preferred)


  • Artificial Intelligence (Information and Logic Theory, Semantic Networks, Knowledge Representation)
  • Cryptography (particulary SSL/TLS vulnerabilities)
  • Security
  • Software Paradigms
  • Automation (Software, Office Automation, Robotics, Continuous Integration)
  • Network/Internet Security (general, and especially encryption)
  • Martial Arts
  • Science Fiction (particularly future sci-fi)
  • Market Patterns
  • Travel
  • Japanese Language and Society
  • Ancient Cultures and Civilisations (Egypt, Sumeria, Maya, origins of writing, religions, pyramids, mysteries)
  • BlockChain and CryptoCurrencies


  • Favourite Animal - any cat, wild or domestic
  • Favourite Author.fiction - Raymond E Feist, author of Magician, * highly recommended
  • Favourite - Steve McConnell, because of 'Code Complete' which I thought was an excellent guide to new developers
  • Favourite Actor/Actress - Morgan Freeman, Allison Scagliotti (weird combination I know)
  • Favourite Database - previously SQL/Server but now MySQL (since about 2009), performance, scalability and export/logging tools are excellent
  • Favourite Drinks - Red wine, blood orange juice, 100% fruit juices with carrot juice added
  • Favourite Foods - Most types of cheese, red meat, Mexican, Italian
  • Favourite Java Server - Tomcat
  • Favourite Java Flavour - Oracle JDK 8, much better security features
  • Favourite Language - Java (2nd would be Japanese, because it's so mathematical)
  • Favourite OS - Ubuntu
  • Favourite Server: Ubuntu
  • Favourite Mobile: Android
  • Favourite Place - Porto, Portugal
  • Favourite Sports - More interested in dports ;-)
  • Favourite Websites - SlashDot, Google

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